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Fireplaces, Pits, and Rings

Fire can be a dynamic addition to your outdoor living space, drawing the eye to a flickering focal point, creating a natural gathering spot, adding comfy heat on chilly evenings, and even offering casual cooking for hot dogs, s’mores, and other backyard favorites. But what fire feature is best for…

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Landscape Lighting

The proper lighting can add great value and visual appeal to your landscape. There are many attractive lighting options to choose from no matter what your landscape size, style, outdoor activities, or budget. Why You Need Landscape Lighting Adding lights to your landscape does much more than just allow you…

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How to Design Your Outdoor Living Area for Mixed Generations

Creating your perfect landscape can be a project that lasts a lifetime, but how can you effectively design your outdoor living area when your needs, activities and preferences may change over the years? Fortunately, with a little careful consideration, you can create a functional and beautiful landscape that all generations…

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Phased Landscape Installation

Redoing your landscape, whether you are starting from scratch, updating parts of an existing design or completely renovating your yard, can be a lengthy and expensive process. Phased landscape installation can help you adjust your time, labor and budget to create your dream landscape in easy-to-manage steps. How Phased Landscape…

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Importance of Circulation in an Outdoor Space

Your landscape is a great space to enjoy, but if you can’t get around that space, you won’t enjoy your outdoor living nearly as much as you could. From patios and decks to gardens, flowerbeds, sheds, play areas and more, circulation is critical to make the most of your landscape…

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The Value of Updating an Existing Landscape

Landscaping has a tremendous impact on the value, curb appeal and aesthetic beauty of your home. If your landscaping feels outdated, old or worn, however, it is not necessary to rip out all the plants and start from scratch. Updating an existing landscape can be a faster, easier and more…

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