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Nutri-Peat Mulch

Deepening your soil’s tilth and friability by adding Moisture Retention in the planting beds. It also protects plants from stress during arid portions of the growing season thus insuring your investment from drought damage.

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North Country Organics

North Country Organics was founded in 1983 with the concept that any type of agriculture or horticulture can be productive, successful, and more profitable without compromising the earth’s delicate eco-system with harmful chemicals.

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Laurel Valley Premium Compost

A nourishing mixture of well composted and aged agricultural byproducts our recipe includes a variety of ingredients some of which are as follows; hay, straw, horse manure, poultry litter, corncobs, cottonseed hulls, cocoa bean hulls, lime, gypsum, and sphagnum peat moss. Premium Compost is an organic soil amendment that is rich in micro and macronutrients, humus, and has a neutral pH.

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Bumper Crop Soil Amendment

A premium soil builder created exclusively by MASTER NURSERY® Garden Centers, BUMPER CROP® SOIL BUILDER contains only the finest all natural, rich, organic composted ingredients. This versatile soil amendment is excellent for all the garden uses listed below.

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Our Deer Repellent

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